5 Tips for Branding Yourself on Social Media

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In this day and age of fast movement, limited attention spans, small screens and lots of competition, it’s more important than ever to learn how to create a vibrant brand.

Tip 1: Your Style

Choose a style that you want to be remembered by. Be careful with this one. Not only do you want to make your style memorable, you want it to reflect who you truly are.

For example, are you The Executive? The Giver? The Visionary? The Inspirer? The Nurturer or any other of the 16 personality types?

You can actually take an online assessment test to determine your unique personality type.

Do you already know your style? Then you’re twenty percent on your way to successfully branding yourself.

Tip 2: Your Photo

This may seem obvious, but you do want to make sure your photo reflects your style. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Get a professional photo taken by someone who is good at capturing people’s personality. If the photographer takes only classic business pictures, this may not be right for you if you are the nurturer or the visionary.
  2.  Make sure you have the proper make-up and hair style. On TV even the men are made up, so don’t be concerned about necessary touch-ups to complete your style.
  3.  Bring four or five changes of clothing to the photo shoot. You can never be sure which would be the most appropriate.

Tip 3: Your Colors

Okay. Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. You’ve got your photo and your style set in your mind. How do you translate that into social media?

While article marketing and video marketing are still two of the best ways to let people get to know, like and trust you, cell phones have made social media largely about pictures and snippets of text, through Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

So color allows you to be instantly recognized as you. You get to decide what color or colors (no more than two) should brand you. I’ve known someone to always wear the exact same blouse on her pictures, just so people could always identify her.

Tip. 4: Your logo

Certainly if you have a business logo, that would reflect your business, but if you are a network marketer, it’s a good idea to choose a personal logo that would brand you.

It could be your name written in script. It could be a slogan or a photo that represents you.

Tip 5: Your Watermark

A watermark on all the photos that you upload to the various photo friendly sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest brand you. It could be your logo or name.

A watermark allows you to advertise your brand even when others are sharing it from their social media sites.

It is easy to create a watermark. There are sites online where you can do that for free, or upgrade for multiple images you’ve created.

With these five tips, you are now ready to share your personal brand throughout the world-wide-web.

Resource: EzineArticles.co

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