4 Innovative Social Media Promotion Ideas

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These are 4 examples of very creative, very inspiring, as well as being very notable promotion ideas. This is a simple collection that should ultimately spark creative ideas that will enable you to promote your small business over the social media used today.


Approximately 1 billion people visit Facebook each day. Get the word out for your events by posting them on Facebook regularly. For special events, you could run a Facebook Ad and target your specific demographic. Although, keep in mind Facebook Ads could be costly and you really need to know what you’re doing otherwise you could quickly run up your bill without getting the results you are looking for. With Facebook’s Share and Like features, you open them to a whole new network of new guests.

Video Promo

Studies have shown people are more likely to buy a product if they view a Video. So it makes sense to create Social Media Video promos for your event. When creating your promo video you want give your target audience a glimpse of what to expect at your event. String together video clips of past similar events showing people having fun and highlighting the main selling points of your events. Keep in mind however the time restrictions of the Social Media platform you are using. One way to manage this across the different platforms is to create a long video for long-form platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, and edit these video down accordingly for short-form platforms like Vine and Instagram.


One of the most used platforms by celebrities, businesses and individuals, Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your business. Twitter is also extremely easy to reach a large database of people through. You connect with one, then you can connect with thousands. Putting your special nights up, the special prices or just giving shout outs to those out there that show up for many of the different events. You can promote your links for the website, apps and anything else you want to share.


Meet-up offers a fun, unique way for promoting your event. Take advantage of its interest centered formatted and create meet-ups around the different selling points of your event. Have a special EDM DJ performing? Create an “EDM Lovers” meet-up. Going for a particular theme for your event? Create a “Nightlife Theme Parties” meet-up. Post your meet-up on your other social media pages and watch the signups come rolling in.

Whatever you choose to do in the social media world that is all around us, know that you can gain much more attention of those in the area, or coming into the area through one post that can change everything. If you do not think you’re being seen enough, consider using technology, social media and apps that can help you gain the attention you want and need to succeed within a busy world that is fueled by the use of electronics.

Resource: ezinearticles.co

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