The Importance of Product and Keyword Research

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Highly responsive keyword research can actually be done with the free Keyword Planner Tool already provided by Google. As Google is the largest traffic platform on the planet with well over a billion active users per month, their free tools are equally impressive. You have to target the keywords that best suit your niche, and ensure that you have chosen low competition and high search volume keywords. This is also the first step in creating your website and blog, and a proven tactic to choose the right domain which will help with your site ranking in Google later.

Choosing the wrong keywords will result in you obtaining visitors that may not even be interested in your affiliate offer, which is when you have thousands of visitors with zero engagement. Keyword research is a pitfall many newbie affiliate marketers fall victim to, because it appears to be quite technical. Truth be told, it’s not all that complicated, but the common mistake to rush in an attempt to make money faster is a proven road to disaster.

After the Keyword research, product research is important because randomly promoting affiliate links is not how the professionals make money. You must know how to obtain the right product in demand relevant to your niche, because your Keywords attract a specific visitor. Establishing the level of competition is all part of Product research, because you want to be able to access the high converting products with low competition.

The key to proper exposure is your website and especially domain name, which is why Keyword research is the first step. Regardless of the claims that you don’t need your own website as an affiliate marketer, it remains the one fact that separates you from the crowd. The only differences between super successful affiliate marketers and the ones not so successful, are their own websites with email lists.

Product Knowledge must be the most frustrating of the proven trio to success, because it is a time-consuming exercise but a needed one. Product Knowledge will empower you to create relevant, helpful and interesting content which is the king of sales. Your content must inspire your visitor to want to know more, and that is how sales are generated and subscribers collected. Once you have decided on the product you wish to promote as an affiliate marketer, you must then purchase that particular product.

Product Knowledge can only come from experience, be it a system or software and even an eBook. In the case of a system or software be sure to test it properly, and follow steps precisely before you pass judgement. In most cases it’s not the system, program or software that appear to be ineffective but rather the urge to make money faster. There is a simple way to know if you have tested these options successfully, which will depend on your answer whether or not you have ever contacted support?

If you have not, then chances are you didn’t succeed during the setup process because if you did you would have contacted support perhaps even a few times. You must spend time cultivating your Product Knowledge, and see it grow your Internet Empire.


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