Are You Aware of the Three Most Important Aspects of Attraction Marketing?

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Exactly what is attraction marketing?

Simply put attraction marketing is where you attract people to you by offering them value rather than pushing something at them. You become a trusted advisor where you have the knowledge that you can share with your prospects giving them solutions to their problems and whatever niche or home business it is that they are involved in.

3 important steps to attraction marketing:

1. Teaching

This is probably the main or most important part of attraction marketing and is probably the least practice part. This is the point where you need to be consistent where you need to be teaching constantly to your target market. Focusing on what they want to hear, solving their problems, giving them the ability to survive in their niche. This is where you going to apply the information you have learned and the time you invested by converting it into videos, blog posts, Facebook posts and images converting it into attractive value and content.

2. Studying

Before you can start teaching anyone you need to study as you study you learn from all the education and training you go through. And it’s not just taking in the information as head knowledge but it’s about understanding other qualified marketers and how they attract people to their niche giving you the ability to share this with others. Giving you the ability to transmit true value.

3. Investment

This is the time and money you’ve invested to develop your skills as a network marketer. As you take time reading books, attending events, sitting in on coaching calls or webinars, and going to training events you are continually progressing in your marketing skills in an effective manner. The time you invest into your education for your home based business is a must. As you do this you become an authority figure in the niche that you are promoting but not just in that niche also any network marketing venture you engage. This way you have value that you can share with others attracting them to your knowledge.

People that fail to educate themselves and are not willing to do the work, become spammers and amateurs. All they do is spend time spamming people with links and sending them to squeeze pages thinking that people will opt in to their business with no education or value given at all.

So even though these 3 points: Investing, Learning, and Teaching, seem trivial, remember you want to attract people to your marketing not push them. Have you ever tried to push a string it’s impossible it’s the same with trying to push somebody through a marketing funnel that they haven’t been attracted to it’s just not going to work.


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