5 Ways to Build Your Email List

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Getting email addresses from interested consumers and prospects is the goal of many lead generation projects. How can you build that email list and still stay within the permission-based standards? There are many ways.

In this article, look at five methods of getting consumers to give you their email addresses using your social media platforms, email marketing software, and mobile phones.

Use a Subscribe Form

Surprisingly, many businesses fail to ask their clients and prospects for their email address. Placing a subscribe button or form on your website is one of the simplest ways of reminding people what you have to offer.

WebMD Email Signup

Example of a subscribe-to-our-newsletter button.

And once you get that email address, follow up with a welcome message, reminding subscribers to add you to their address book. Once there, you not only ensure that your messages will be received in their inboxes but you also stand a greater chance of being accessed by phone and other electronic devices when contact and address books are shared among those devices.

Use Social Logins

Social logins are becoming so commonplace that many people don’t realize that they are giving you their email information. They’re gaining in popularity since it makes sign-in easier. People don’t have to remember passwords or fill-in forms.

CDBaby Social Login

CDBaby offers consumers the choice of entering their email address and password or logging in via Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Either method can add them to your list.

Instead of logging in with an email address or username and password, customers have the option of signing in using, for example, their Facebook, Google, and Twitter account information. Depending on the application, such as Facebook Connect, businesses can access the customer’s email address and other data such as name, gender, and interests from the social login software. This typically involves some coding.

MarketingProfs Social Sign In

MarketingProfs offers a sign-up form with an email option or logging in via five social media sites: Facebook, Windows Live, Google, Yahoo!, and Twitter.

Social logins are being used on websites, blogs, and registration pages. In a recent story on eMarketer, in the third quarter of 2012, 53 percent of social logins used Facebook credentials, while 21 percent used Google, and 11 percent used Yahoo!.

Extend Email Campaigns to Social Channels

In the old days, when you wanted to expand your email marketing list, you placed a signup box on your website and hoped that people would signup for your newsletter.

Today, you still should do that. But you should also extend your email marketing campaigns to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that status updates are automatically published there, too.

Use a ‘Join My Mailing List’ App

To expand your list, many email-marketing companies also offer social media sign-up integration tools. For example, Constant Contact, the email service provider, offers a Facebook app, where visitors to your Facebook Page can sign-up for a newsletter without leaving that page.

You install a small app on your Facebook Business Page that allows your Facebook followers to sign up for your newsletter. The standard image icon that comes with the app can be modified.

Be sure to announce this feature in your status post and offer incentives, such as a free consultation, or share what additional information they’ll receive with the newsletter that they wouldn’t see on Facebook.

Join My List Icon

The “Join My List” icon on a business Facebook Page from Constant Contact. The image can be modified.

Once people click the “Join My List” icon, a window opens and asks for their email address. A personalized message lets people know what benefits they will receive upon giving you their email address. Personalization is possible through adding a logo or a picture.

Join My List - Constant Contact

The signup page from the Join My List app collects email addresses of your Facebook followers in a permission-based format.

Use Text Messages and QR Codes

Text message or QR code options enable your prospective customers to join your email list by using their phones. Businesses can display the text message or QR code in their office, on their signage, brochures and marketing pieces, and at events.

Constant Contact has made the process easy for businesses to set-up these features by employing a step-by-step wizard. Constant Contact even makes the graphics for you.

Text To Join - Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s example of a Text to Join sign.

QR code - Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s example of the “Scan to Join” QR code in use on a business card.

You don’t need Constant Contact to use QR codes and text-message marketing. There are numerous services, both free and paid, that can provide you with the tools you need.

When you have your QR code and text messaging number, be sure to use it whenever you are at a tradeshow, speaking engagement, or when you leave materials on a resource table at, say, a Rotary meeting. Add it to a t-shirt. There are many options.

Resources: webmarketingtoday.co

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