5 Best Ways to Segment Social Audiences

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The list from SumAll:

  1. Sort by favorites: This is a measure of activity and likeliness to share content. Dropping everyone with 100 followers or below gives you a great list to buy promoted content around, as they are far more likely to share the content.
  2. Big influencers who share: Take your top one-quarter of followers by network size and then sort by favorite activity. The people at the top of this list influence and share a lot. Start engaging with them in every way possible, as your odds of getting further reach is highest with this group.
  3. Time zones: Find what time zones your biggest groups of followers are in. That is an important group to set up content schedules around, trying to get posts to hit them locally in their afternoon.
  4. Find the Internet celebs: Take your top one-quarter of followers and divide their following count by their followers. Those that have large brands outside of Twitter tend to follow very few compared with how many follow them. You are extremely lucky to have those folks following you. Create content or even reference them directly as a way to build visibility.
  5. Time zones 2: When buying audience, you want to drop off the markets you don’t service. So take the users in time zones you want and develop a handle list to load into Twitter to target for promotion. This only works if you have a fairly large audience. It is also good to see how many bots you have

Resources: adweek.co

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