5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Awareness

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Businesses, today, whether it’s a high profile restaurant or an eCommerce start-up, are known to consumers from their brand name. Do you ever realize that most times you need something or buy something, you ask for the product addressing its brand name instead of using the generic term for the same. You ask for Vaseline when you need a petroleum jelly. You need a bandage, you ask for a Band-Aid. We use brand names as generic terms to refer to respective products, and this is what’s called brand awareness.

Brand awareness is an important aspect for a brand or product to become well-known as a brand eponym (a brand name replacing generic term). While there’s no specific secret for becoming an eminent brand in a flash, here are some strategies that can gradually help you get people talking about your brand.

Events and Conferences

No matter the kind of business you are in, holding an event can be a good idea to spread the word about your brand or products. It can be a press conference, the launch of a new product or a promotional event or a party to celebrate your achievements.

Social Media Stunts

With social media massively growing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other get additional traffic to your website and build a valuable audience for your business. You can put promotional posts on your profile, run a blog with relevant posts and upload pictures and videos of your products to get people to know about your brand.


Exhibiting your products and services is quite a dynamic way to build an audience for your business. An exhibition can be expensive, however, but planning beforehand and appropriately can help you reach out to your target audience and potential clients.

Business Partnerships

Two is always powerful than one- Partnering with businesses that target the same audience as you, can lower your efforts and promotion costs and double your benefits. You can join forces with local entities into the same business to promote your brand around seminars and events.

PPC Advertising

In the growing crowd of businesses striving to drive traffic to their websites, Pay Per Click (PPC) can help your brand stand out on Google. A well-designed PPC campaign can make your business or firm show up at the top of Google search results for the targeted keywords. If you are considering PPC advertising for your business, there are a number of PPC experts who can help you with brand awareness with their dynamic PPC campaigns.

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