Facebook Wants To Simplify How People Interact With Pages

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Direct communications through Messenger and Facebook is about to become much faster and more convenient.

Facebook released several new tools and updates to help people easily connect with businesses.

900 million people use Messenger every month, and over one billion messages are sent between people and business pages. If your business’ or client’s Page receives messages from fans or customers, here are the updates to know:


Your page will now have a username based on your vanity URL, and will appear underneath your Page’s title with an @ symbol. This makes it easier for people to search for, find, and message your page. Usernames will appear on both Facebook and Messenger, and this benefits pages or businesses with relatively common names.

Messenger Links

To facilitate hassle-free, direct communication between users and businesses, Facebook just introduced Messenger Links. Your page’s unique Messenger Link is a sharable link using your new username (mentioned above) and takes people straight to your page in Messenger (try clickingm.me/socialmediaweek).

Messenger Codes

Similar to Messenger Links, Facebook also introduced Messenger Codes. Rather than a text URL, users can scan your unique code using a smartphone camera to begin a conversation thread. Messenger code images can be downloaded via your Page’s inbox. These Links and Codes can be used in ads, websites, and other marketing materials.

Pre-Set Greetings

Facebook is also rolling out “customizable notes” that greet users before any messages are sent. To set and edit Messenger Greetings, simply visit your Page’s Message Settings.

Facebook says these tools are useful for “questions about products and services, appointments, customer service questions and more. Plus, it allows businesses to build personal connections with the people who are interested in them.”

Resources: socialmediaweek.co

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