Instagram Business Profiles Test Now Features Analytics

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If Instagram is going to introduce profiles for businesses, the next logical step is analytics for those profiles.

Instagram scheduling tool Later shared the iOS screenshots below in a blog post, and it offered details on the available information to profiles with access to these features.

According to Later, Instagram business profiles now feature a chart icon in the upper-right-hand-corner, giving them access to analytics, as well as a contact button next to the following button, a linkable location tag and categories for the profile.

Available analytics include:

  • Location: Follower locations by country or city.


  • Gender and age of followers.


  • Insights, which includes impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity (most popular times of day or days of the week when the profile’s followers are using Instagram).


  • Top Posts: Posts sorted by impressions over a seven-day or 30-day period, as well as the ratio of post views to followers.



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