Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: A New E-Commerce Platform to Look Forward To

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Facebook has indeed managed to transform itself from a simple social media platform to one of the biggest influencer in society nowadays. To make things even better, it is getting even more aggressive in serving as a communication line between clients and businesses.

Without a doubt, Facebook messenger is being used by a lot of people, from teens to adults. In a day, a total of 60 billion messages are being processed in its Messenger and What App service. With this in mind, it was not a surprise to see Facebook taking advantage of this media and utilizing it to help businesses connect even better with their potential market.

Call to Action Buttons

Bots are now being integrated into Facebook Messenger so that businesses can address the frequently asked question of their customers instantly. To improve the experience even more, call to action buttons are now being introduced into the platform. Instead of having to check your email or log-out from messenger to continue with your transaction with a certain retailing company, one can do the transaction right at the messenger itself. This makes shopping, via a Facebook page, easy, accessible and interactive for users.


We are visual creatures, and Facebook knows that. Now, your consumers will be able to see the products they have purchased or will purchase right on their Messengers. In just few scrolls they can see everything. It’s really simplifying the online shopping experience for your clients.


The great thing about the new Messenger for Facebook would be so interactive that it would feel like you are not actually talking to a bot but with an actual customer service. Common problems and questions will be immediately addressed. Suggestions are also available for users of a platform. Messenger for business will be able to suggest about the shoe size you are getting, hot items that are currently on demand as well as the availability of the product that you intend to buy.

For brands like CNN on the other hand, readers can get a summary of the latest news that catches their attention. This makes the mobile experience in the Facebook pages of business and brands in Facebook even more interactive and up to date for users.

Businesses will get to enjoy a lot of great things with this new innovation. Consistent information about their product and service will be available and will not be risked with human error with preloaded FAQ answers available in the platform. Losing a sale becomes less of a problem because interaction with clients is available 24/7 for them. Facebook has indeed paved a new way to improve business on this social media platform.

Internet connection via providers such as Telstra mobile broadband can help you access Facebook and many other online application that will help in connecting your business and brand to your target market.

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