How to Position Yourself in Social Media for Your Website Marketing

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Social media is a tricky animal! It can be very time consuming unless you exert some strict discipline over yourself! Before know it, you can become sucked in to an addictiveness that’s really catchy and will eat into your time like nothing else. That is why companies and corporations with sufficient budget employ social media personnel specifically to run these online operations for them.

Now, making an assumption here, but guessing that you are a bona fide individual whose goal it is to build themselves either an online business, or an extra stream of income. Either way, Facebook, and Twitter (will refer to these two in this article for the sake of convenience) etc. can be extremely good for your exposure, but you must be very aware to do it properly and not let it take over your life!

Done properly it can play its part in escalating your profile and there are more users every day, and that means that the one-to-many method of positioning yourself as an expert in your niche is hugely leveraged in comparison with many ways of getting your profile known in the off line world.

Always provide more than you promote. Obviously as a bona fide businesswoman or businessman, you will be – or already are – involved in the likes of Twitter or Facebook, and perhaps actively promoting and positioning yourself. The ideal ratio of providing helpful information versus promoting is to supply around 90% information-only content.

When you do promote, do not sell! I repeat, do not sell! Internet and website marketing is not anything to do with selling. That may hit you as something of a surprise, but it’s right. You will not build a successful place for yourself by trying to sell online, at least not in the way the big people like Amazon and Ebay. When you write you messages for your social media contributions, supply a link that directs your fan base to your website, and only from your website should you bring readers into a deeper understanding of what you, as a niche expert, can do to help them.

You can furnish the way to make things a little easier for yourself in your Twittering by tailoring the information you write in such a way that starts to build a relationship with potential prospects even before they choose to click on the link to your site or opt-in page.


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