Getting Your Fans and Followers to Share Visual Content

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Are you working your brand to the best of your ability? If you look at it honestly and the answer is “no,” it is time that you do something to change that situation. There are many different approaches that you can take but involving your fans and followers is one extremely important way that you can spread your visual content around effectively.

The many ways to enhance your content with visual images

You may have written the most wonderful, intuitive, exciting, valuable content that ever existed; however, if you don’t enhance that content with visual images (at least sometimes), you may be doing yourself and your brand a tremendous disservice.

One really great way to accomplish that is by asking your fans and followers to share graphic images with you through your shared social media groups that you have in common. It is critical to your professional success that you involve your online connections in what you are doing for your brand. It serves many purposes, including making it easier to achieve success for your brand and making the other people feel that what they are contributing to your brand is valuable and essential. It is a “win-win” situation.

Asking your fans and followers to contribute to your content will add an extremely valuable layer to your business and it will create new opportunities that should definitely not be missed. It is certainly acceptable to give some of the power to your online connections and allow them to run with it. It will thrill them and it will help you a great deal. As creative and amazing as you undoubtedly are, it is often extremely valuable to have another perspective to share. Many people look at things in many different, creative ways and you are fortunate if you have the benefit of those other perspectives.

    • Empower your fans and followers: As difficult as it may be to surrender any of your power (when it comes to your business), it may be well worth it in the end. The one and only person who cannot brag about how wonderful you and your business are to other people is you. You have absolutely no credibility in that regard and you never will. Of course, everyone else has plenty of credibility and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your leveraging that credibility as much as you can. Your fans and followers can write about your brand and they can use visual content to get their point across. The graphic element is often more effective than words, depending on who is reading the content. They certainly will not let you down. You never truly know how far (in a positive direction) your ambassadors can take it. Just sit back and let it happen!
    • It is a natural human quality to want to tell other people about something that makes you feel good: The happier it makes you, the more you want to share it with people whom you know, love, and trust. It is just a natural state of affairs. Your fans and followers will no doubt be more than willing to take photos of something that you can get involved with and that will enhance your content. The visual aspect of what they are sharing has the potential to touch other people in an extremely emotional way and you may be surprised at the results that you achieve. The good news, of course, is that it is so easy to do that in this day and age of advanced technology. One push of a button and it is in the hands of anyone and everyone whom you want to have it. Having your content paired with graphic images will make it so much more appealing than sharing plain old content.
    • Listen to your fans and followers: It is a really great idea to ask your fans and followers what they like and what they want. That goes with the marketing concept of “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me?). In other words, you need to be able to listen to your fans and followers, figure out what they need and what makes them happy, and solve their problems for them (every time, if possible). When they tell you what they need, give it to them if it is in their power. If you can start to think (on a consistent basis) of the words and graphics as one element that must function together, your content will be extremely effective and it will yield the results that you are looking for.


Your fans and followers are essential to your professional success. Getting them to contribute to your content is extremely smart and, if done correctly, can be very effective. Your content will go extremely far if you share valuable information and if you make it as appealing as possible to other people. That includes words and graphic images, which will enhance the words. It will be extremely beneficial to your business because humans love images and your fans and followers will help you to share the best, most exciting images around. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Test it out and you will see that it is true.


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