How to Build Your Twitter Marketing Plan

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An ideal Twitter marketing plan is a list of everything that you hope to achieve for your corporation/business using Twitter or any other social network platform. This strategy should include a report of where your Twitter account is today, and where you want it to be in the nearest future, the goals that you want to achieve when that time comes, and the tools that you require so that you can get there. Basically, the more specific you are when developing the strategy, the better you will be when it comes to implementing that plan.

In general, you should try to make your marketing strategy as concise as possible. Avoid making your plan so lofty that it’s unattainable. this plan will not only help you make informed decagon, but it will also help you know whether you are succeeding or falling at Twitter, and believe me you do not want to set yourself up for failure.


The first step towards developing a perfect Twitter marketing strategy is establishing the goals that you hope to achieve after a certain period of time. With these goals, also helps you to know the right actions that you should take, when you feel that your Twitter campaigns are not working your way. Without these objectives, you have no way of gauging your return on investment or proving your success.

The simplest way of kick starting your Twitter marketing plan is writing down at least four Twitter objectives. Remember to ask yourself, what the objective will look like when you start implementing the plan you have, just use this to determine how you are going to move around your strategy and achieve your long term goals. Keep in mind that smart objectives are measurable, specific, attainable and relevant.

Step 2: Conduct a Twitter Review

Before building your Twitter marketing plan, you must examine your current Twitter use and the success it has brought to your business. To do this, you must be ready to check out who have been following your business products or operations via Twitter, ask yourself whether Twitter is the social media platform that the market you are targeting uses, and finally review your Twitter account to see whether it matches your competitor’s accounts.

Once you are done conducting the review, you should know how your business is fairing online, who controls your Twitter account and does it serve the purpose it was intended to? This will help you know the Twitter accounts that need to be updated and those that need to be deleted.

Step 3: Create New or Improve Your Existing Twitter Account

After reviewing your Twitter account, it’s now time to improve your online presence. Create a new account if you feel that your current one is not serving your purpose; just make sure that you integrate your audience and broader objectives. You can also refine the existing Twitter account and update them to fit your current business goals.

Step 4: Get Twitter Inspiration from Clients, Competitors and Leading-Industry Leaders

The main reason you should be on Twitter is because your clients, competitors and other leading business are already there. Your competitor’s presence on social media may not be good to your ears, but one thing that you learn is that there is a wealth of experience in these networks that you can combine into your Twitter marketing plan.

Use Twitter to listen to what your clients want and provide it, this way you will have an edge over your competitors because you will be able to meet your clients at their point of need.

Step 5: Develop a Content Plan

Great, creative and informative content is paramount to succeeding at Twitter. Your Twitter marketing strategy should include a perfect content marketing plan, made of plans for content curation and creation. Also remember to create an editorial calendar.

Step 6: Test and Evaluate Your Twitter Marketing Plan

Testing your Twitter marketing plan regularly will help make the necessary adjustments at the right time. Try tracking your links using utm codes and URL shorteners. Also, you can use Hootsuites Twitter analytics to track the reach of your Twitter campaigns. Analyze and report your success and failures, and adjust your Twitter marketing plan to yield results.


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