How You Can Use Twitter for Customer Service

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You know how people have the tendency to rant on Twitter? Be annoyed not! You can actually take this to your advantage. Take yourself as an example. Say you have a problem with your cell service and you tweet about it and tag the company’s brand handle since you know they are on Twitter. And miraculously, they replied to you advising you what to do. How would you feel? It could be somewhere between being still annoyed, being thankful and being flattered. Now imagine doing that to your own customers and the way you could personally reach to them not only with promotions but with content that they actually need at that moment. Imagine the impact that would have on their loyalty and regard for your company.

The fact is, aside from companies’ customer service hotlines which cannot be reached about 50 percent of the time and customer service emails, which can take ages for a reply, Twitter can be a direct and instant connection to these services. Hotlines and emails even have the irritating tendency to give endless referrals to other departments or people. But the relieving aspect is that using Twitter for customer service is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience it offer the customers and the company as well. People can reach out to you on Twitter to either air their complaints or ask about product and service related issues. This accomplishes two basic things for you: gives you a good image to these customers, especially of you do it right and it increases your visibility even further.

So how do you do it right then? The speed at which Twitter can allow you to communicate must be used to your advantage. A customer would be very much delighted if you reply to their concerns as soon as you can, say 5 minutes? That should be your standard limit. It makes a really huge difference when you are there for their needs immediately. Additionally, you must personalize your messages to these customers. Customers would feel better if you do not send them generic replies that sometimes do not address any of their concerns. They would feel better if you cater to their needs individually, especially if you mention their real names in your Tweet. However, you must make sure not to overuse the replies! In the case of a complicated problem, the Direct Message (DM) feature on Twitter is always available. This would minimize the clutter of seeing a lot of replies that occupy most of your timeline. So you can resolve the problem with a customer in detail through DMs and then back to using replies with regular questions and support services.

The last but definitely the greatest advice on this section to help you get started on Twitter customer support is to give outstanding customer support to users who are not yet one of your customers. How great does that sound? In short, you can help people who have problems with anything related to your specialty. Think, if they have a problem with a competitor’s service or product, what better way to earn a new patron than to willingly and accurately help them, right? It can’t be necessarily called a piracy and you don’t have to be too blatant with your goal. Just remember, the main goal is to help. You can start by answering their concern without any mention of your product or company. Just a good Samaritan willing to help. Do not immediately jump into the gap for marketing purposes since this would definitely discourage that person. Just walk them through their issue and say that you were very glad to help. And viola! You have earned one potential client along with a ten of his or her friends who might here about how you helped them!


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