Solo Ads for a Fast Response

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Solo ads will bring you traffic fast almost instantly. They are a good starting point for beginners as they are simple to set up. You must buy them from a reliable source which will give you suggestions for later. Everyone needs traffic and although free or organic traffic is great it takes a while to build, as it is like word of mouth recommendations in traditional business.

Solo ads on the other hand take a few minuets to set up and can bring inquiries that day. It is best to run Solo ads in conjunction with a free gift rather than an item to purchase. Build your list of prospective customers which you then send email offers to as part of an email marketing campaign.

Don’t expect to sell to them immediately, gain their trust with great value free offers, you can then introduce them to other products in your niche again and again and build a sales funnel. Repeated sales are where you make your money if you always treat your list fairly and have great offers.

When you are looking for a solo-ad supplier you have to be careful and choose someone from a monitored website, or from face book groups where members monitor the results or Forums work in a similar way. Otherwise you can be conned by what seems a fantastic offer price, but in fact you are buying a list of useless names.

If you purchase from a dedicated website where the sellers are vetted and people comment on their results you should be successful. Even so purchase small quantities of 50 or 100 clicks to test a seller and your offer. When you purchase the clicks the seller sends out your offer email to his list of perspective buyers until you get the purchased quantity of people clicking on your website.

Obviously it also depends on what your gift is,it has to be really appealing or people won’t bother signing up to your list. It should be so good that people feel if this is a free offer how good your products for sale must be!

Usually when you buy solo ads you purchase “clicks” (visits to your website). Sometimes you are offered a number of opt-ins (signatures to a list), which means viewers are joining your list for your later offers.

The solo ad sellers have huge lists that they grow daily. When you purchase from them you prepare a suitable email and the seller emails a portion of his list according to the number you have purchased. From this you will get a percentage joining your list and they will become your customers over time. If you products offered are good you will get repeat orders.

As you can see building your list is a slow process, you may choose to use several traffic methods to grow your list including some free methods which grow organically over time to build a sustainable business.


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