How to Improve Your Engagement on Google+

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google_plus_interactionEngaging is more than just posting messages on the site. It involves interacting with people you’re connected with.

Here are some of the best ways to help you increase your engagement on Google+. Major companies have used them and have proven them to be very effective.

Format Your Text

Take advantage of the fact that you can post longer messages on G+. Take note, however, that it’s best to add some formatting variety to your post to make it stand out and attract readers at first glance.

Instead of the usual text you use, make some words or headings bold, italicize them or use strike-through text.

To make the text bold, use the asterisk sign before and after the word or set of words (*social*). To italicize, use the underscore sign before and after the words (_social_) and to strike through, use the dash sign (-social-).

Use Attractive Photos

Including an image in your post, notably a high resolution one, is a great way to attract readers. Make sure you choose photos with bright colors that can easily attract attention.

The best option is to upload an image you’ve saved to your computer as this normally displays larger than the image that shows if you post a link to an article on the web as your status update.

Get More Personal

By personal, we mean sharing the interests of your followers and encouraging them to participate in the discussion. For instance, you can post a question about something that matters to them. Or you can get their feedback on your products and services. Questions are often effective in prompting followers to share their views and comments.

Through the comments that you get on your posts, it would then be easy for you to tailor future updates that will matter to your followers. And since you get immediate feedback, you can then create new products or services that meet their needs.

Encourage People to Act

Other than using questions, another way to engage people is to encourage them to contribute to your content. Some companies use high-resolution photos that show action and ask their readers to provide their own captions.

Launching a contest is also effective in inviting people to follow you moving forward.

Use a Theme

The idea of using a theme is to broaden your community, increase your exposure and encourage people to follow you regularly. You can use the hashtag feature to do this whether it’s a text update you’re posting or a photo.


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