Improve Your Internal Communication Using Social Media

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social-media-internal-business-communicationCommunicating with clients and customers has always been the social media marketing (SMM) strategy of businesses. Till recently firms used social media networks and social media optimization (SMO) for external correspondence and searched for ways to connect with clients, while they completely ignored internal communication. Thanks to technological developments, now firms are realizing the importance of internal and external communications.

Major time spent for communication

As per Gartner Analysis Report 2013, on average an employee spends 28% of work hours for checking emails and 20% for communicating with colleagues to complete the tasks. Be warned, it does not mean your employees underperform, but instead that both the tasks are important for firms. While the firms want employees to regularly check their mails, employee interaction indicates the requirements of the work, or shortcomings of training or the lack of it.

Standard training methods would not prevent discussions among employees and increase performance. Interaction, no matter how small, is important as people need to work as a team and come up with better ideas and solutions. How to use digital media and marketing to streamline correspondence and to increase employee performance?

Social media optimization networks

Google uses the results of SM sites to rank the pages. Apart from Facebook or LinkedIn, other networks such as Yammer, Chatter, SharePoint, Newsgator, Socialcast, etc., can also be used in business environments. These platforms foster internal correspondence and deliver tools that help securely share information within the network, and easily access them from anywhere.

Build internal and external networks

Whether it is a hospital struggling to manage correspondence with its doctors, nurses, or janitors, or a firm planning to enforce IT security measures or send policy updates, enterprise SM handles social engagement effectively. Also, subject experts outside the firm, customers, clients, vendors can also be grouped to share required information.

Leadership to guide teams

A firm with good leadership moves in the right direction, guides the individuals to interact well, provides sensible solutions for the firm, and develops non-hierarchical system that builds trust. A SMM strategy service provider can help you develop the right leverage for your firm.

What employees get

Involving the employees in another interaction task adds to the existing troubles if improperly implemented. Why have growth be limited to the firm, as employees are also inseparable part of it and need involvement in the process. Taking help of SM experts in developing a well-planned enterprise communication with society helps employees effectively connect with each other, learn from communities, and keep pace with the fast changing world. It also helps employees expand their knowledge, skill, and expertise to face their career challenges.

Profits for firms

Enterprise social media communication is the future of internal business communication, which can streamline and guide work schedule. It helps you develop good employee relationships and teams, saves time, improves work environment, and shoots up productivity by 20-25%. It keeps your firm ahead of the times and prepares it for future challenges.


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