View Counts Are Coming To Instagram Videos

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Instagram is doubling-down in video content. They’re rolling out view counts for videos with the hope of more videos from users, advertisers, and higher quality content overall.

Ever wonder how many people actually viewed that Instagram video you posted? Well, Instagram just announced view counts for videos are coming to its 400 million users over the next few weeks.

Instagram’s blog post announcement said view counts will appear where the number of “Likes” is currently displayed, however there will still be the option to view the number of likes by tapping “Views”…

Views are counted if a user watches the video for three seconds or longer, according to The Verge, similar to how Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, measures them.

ssInstagram’s internal data revealed that in the past six months, the amount of time people spent watching videos on the platform has increased by more than 40 percent. Instagram plans to continue to grow this number by providing more incentive for high quality, impressionable video content through adding video view counts as a metric of feedback.

Though there were no specifics offered in the official announcement about when the update will roll out for everyone, the company stated definitively that, “Adding view counts is the first of many ways you’ll see video on Instagram get better this year.”


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