Use Emotional Connections to Increase Leads and Conversions

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There are certain core tactics in marketing that are studied and used regularly. Emotional targeting is one of the staples of this conversation, and with good reason. Marketers have understood for a long time that emotional messages resonate more, but techniques have become more advanced in recent years. An article from Kissmetrics provides insights into the modern landscape.

A key underpinning of emotional targeting is psychological triggers: Users respond on social media to the emotions they encounter most often. While Facebook’s emotion manipulation experiment brought a lot of heat, it did demonstrate that there’s some truth to the influence of emotion on social. In general, people were more likely to engage with happy posts on the network, so be aware that a positive message will generally resonate more strongly.

Connecting to memorable experience is another important technique. Users come to every marketing message with their lifetime of experience, and if you’re able to tap into fond memories, users are more likely to connect with your content. Chris Dalton, content director for Evanta, suggested that developing a connection is often better than a pitch:

Sometimes, the best sales pitch is no pitch at all. Consumers have become savvy to ignoring direct sales tactics or sleazy methods. If you offer information relating to your products with honesty and transparency, your customers will notice.

A sense of belonging can also be a powerful trigger for consumers. Customer reviews, testimonials and other forms of “social proof” can foster this sense of belonging. Successful brands know to placeuser-generated content within easy reach so that consumers are reassured by their peers. What’s more, this social proof can lead to higher conversion rates.

In many cases, the emotional triggers and behavior of users don’t change over time; what needs to change is your content strategy and metrics for success. Connecting with core audiences on an emotional level can be a complex task, but it’s a winning strategy in the end.


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