In 3 Steps To Get Instagram Followers

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A lot about Instagram and there’s a good reason for that. It is rooted in the fact that Instagram is the battlefield of both personal image and branding, depending on what you prefer to use social media for. Younger generations are prevalently picking Instagram as their main desired social media and you can bet that the benefits of this fact for your and your business are…well, great.

However, this also means that it is oversaturated. With so many people and interesting profiles of both companies and personnae, how can you stand out? Instagram presence is a science on its own of which I will speak at a later stage. What I want to focus right now is some easy ways to get Instagram followers.

Hold it.

Don’t think that I’ll be speaking of paid followers or some other shady techniques. These rarely have a quality long-term effect so I won’t be recommending going that route. Instagram isn’t the old Facebook times when everyone thought that spamming fake accounts and buying likes would accomplish something.


Have three tips ready that elaborate on how you can get easy Instagram followers in an ethical, natural and above all – personally yours way. Let’s get rolling!

Capture people with visuality

Instagram is very vain. Everything on the image-driven social media is about the colors, their suitable application, proper filters and…overall beauty. Eye-candy is what thrives on Instagram and like it or not, if you play the image game, you’d better get accustomed to this.

Never leave a photo you upload on Instagram to be a dull shell of an image. Spice it up and play around with the filters. Make sure that what you’ve captured is interesting in some way. Experiment with angles, perspective, light and colors. Make it flashy, but not too much.

Your followers want to be amused. They want to see beauty. If you manage to offer both of these to them…you’ll see your follower base rising.

Be relevant

Another easy way to get more Instagram followers is to be relevant. This is especially true for brands – you have an audience and this audience has some expectations towards you. The communication you have established with these people follows a certain pattern – in terms of content and visuality.


You have to make sure that you’re following this pattern, otherwise you risk a) losing current followers and b) putting off potential newcomers.

Perhaps you have noticed that most of the major brands move in certain frames, including color palettes and graphic design materials. Do the same, and remember to draw the line in terms of content and your own branding slang too.

All of these also apply if you are doing your own personal branding and staying away from the big corporate world. Audiences stick to people…and people have style. A distinctive one.

Shake things up with a fresh contest

Who loves contests?


Contests are the foundation of social media as we know it. If you play your contest cards properly, you can bet that you will have an easy way of getting more Instagram followers. Not only because it gives your followers the sense of a community and a tangible prize – it’s also quite fun!

There are many ways to organize a contest on Instagram and the rules are forged by none other than yourself. You can ask of your followers to upload images with a specific hashtag (brands love to use that one). You can choose to let them share a specific photo of yours on their own Instagram, spreading your brand message in this way.

Or you can choose a more sophisticated method by picking a specific theme and telling your followers that they can give it a shot with their personal interpretation. While this requires way more creativity, for me it’s also the best option – because it’s the most fun one. It also gives your followers a way to express themselves, which always works wonders.

All of these tips I shared with you are good and easy ways of getting Instagram followers. They will attract people to what you do and if utilized correctly, will instill the most precious thing – a sense of community. One that is none other than your personal community, ready to follow you to the top.

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