5 Funny, Cute and Downright Bizarre 2016 Super Bowl Ads

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The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is ticking down fast. Millions will be watching as the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos knock helmets in the battle for the bragging rights.

Sure, watching guys play with pigskin for a trophy is great, but some of us — you know who you are — will only tune in for the commercials, the biggest branding game of the year. As usual, advertisers have hemorrhaged obscene amounts of money in the quest to capture your attention — and your spending cash — after kickoff and beyond.

Which of their ads will be a touchdown and which will fall flat, like a Deflategate ball? Check out the newly released Super Bowl 50 commercials below and decide for yourself. Here are the funniest (and wackiest) 5 in the bunch:

1. Mountain Dew’s ‘Puppymonkeybaby’ mind-blow

We hope you don’t have the munchies when you watch this, because it will freak you the heck out. Mountain Dew is at it again, this time with a face-licking, diaper-donning freaky beast monkey, er, “puppymonkeybaby.” We don’t even know what to think. But we won’t forget that purple drink.

2. Heinz Ketchup’s adorable ‘Weiner Stampede’

Weiner dogs dressed up as hot dogs. Viral marketing gold or not, who cares? They’re just so darn cute, aren’t they? Like Heinz says at the ad’s triumphant end, “It’s hard to resist great taste.” It’s also hard to resist puppies prancing through blades of grass…into the arms of human condiments.

3. Hyundai USA’s dreamy Ryanville romp

Close your eyes and imagine you’re driving. See Ryan Reynolds in your rearview. See him as a rugged and ready construction worker. Then…Wait. Don’t imagine the sexy star for that long. Just for long enough to get realllly distracted and swerve off the road, which is, like, a millisecond. And, boom, you get the steamy — and kind of scary — picture Hyundai gorgeously paints in this hot spot.

4. Hyundai USA’s dad-stalking ‘First Date’ with Kevin Hart

Wisecracker Kevin Hart will stop at nothing to protect his daughter on her first date in this goofy plug for Hyundai’s Car Finder feature, stalkerish helicopter swoop-in included. So much for that kiss, kid. Not on daddy’s Apple Watch. How’s that for some cross-marketing, players?

5. Death Wish Coffee’s Epic ‘Storm’s a-Brewin’

Little New York hipster coffee company with dark, quirky name crushes Intuit QuikBooks’ Small Business Big Game Contest. Cue the resulting weird, bearded Viking Valhalla voyage selling said super strong coffee. “Row, awaken and welcome death.” Then wonder why you haven’t before.

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