The 3 Hottest LinkedIn Tips Using For Sales

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Some months ago has talked of how valuable LinkedIn is for landing a perfect internship if you do things right. Truth is, this social media perfectly combines the “social” aspect with business opportunities and is long been hailed as a very potent way of finding work.

Let’s take it further with this article and introduce another angle to the social media phenomenon that is LinkedIn. Do you have any guesses? No?

Well, why not use LinkedIn for sales?

After all, if you already can land a job or an internship, and job recruiters can go “hunting” for talent here, why shouldn’t you be able to acquire some customers?


You are able, of course, but there are some little catches to ensuring you do things right. So that’s the reason I’m writing this right now: to provide you some tips on how to use LinkedIn for sales.

Connecting with others as means of popularizing your business

What do salesmen and LinkedIn have in common?

They exist on the basis of connections.

Thus, you first purpose in swimming around in the LinkedIn social media waters is connecting with others. You should look for prospective connections that will not only have a high ratio of converting to customers. The people you have in your profile list should be a foundation to further connections.

Think of this like this: your “First level” contacts are the basis of your business outreach. From there on, you can accumulate second and third level contacts. By having someone they know in your circles, you have already established some recognition.

But remember to not spam people because it will backfire. Just be open to connecting at any time and do it in a natural, gradually increasing way.

The killer combination: LinkedIn and SlideShare

I don’t know about you, but SlideShare is one of my favorite things out there. If you don’t know what it is: it’s basically an app that allows you to upload your own PowerPoint presentations. And it’s terrific.

Now here’s something better: you can synchronize it so you share your presentation directly on LinkedIn. Do you catch my drift? Yes, it’s a fantastic way to complement your using LinkedIn for sales.

How so?

Prospective customers like being presented with a thorough study of a product or a service that is done in a visual way. In other words, they love presentations. If you’ve done your connections right, bundling LinkedIn with SlideShare is a win-win situation.

Run frequent presentations that bring value to people and are interactive and there’s a good angle to how to use LinkedIn to accumulate sales.

Branching Out Further: LinkedIn Groups

Do you know what’s equally great as having hundreds of good connections that have a high rate of conversion?

Having thousands of prospects at LinkedIn groups. Groups related to your industry or niche of business are an ultimate part of using LinkedIn for sales. You can even start your own group and encourage your customers to take active participation so it makes an impression on other LinkedIn users. Think of it as having a virtual coffee with similar-minded people.

Linked In

Once again, as it is with connecting with others, be careful with the intensity and manner of your posts once joining in LinkedIn groups. You might want to check the group guidelines/FAQ and consult with the group leaders. Otherwise you risk having your strategy on using LinkedIn for sales backfire pretty bad.

You may invite your customers to groups you have joined to start the communication ball rolling. Other users will be more prone to checking out what you have to say if someone has vouched for your credibility.

Concluding Words

These three tips on how to use LinkedIn for sales are a good starting point, but they are far from everything you can do. That’s the beauty of social media: it’s versatile and pretty flexible if you have imagination and a good enough approach.

Just remember that LinkedIn can be a very valuable way of conducting sales and increasing your customer base. After all, it’s a social media focused on business. Draw the benefits and shape your way to success.


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