Mobli Media Launches Galaxia Social Networking App

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Mobli Media has launched social networking app Galaxia on iOS. Based on the idea that each person has multiple personas, or parts of their public personality, the app allows users to create multiple profiles, and post content within different ‘worlds,’ or ‘mini social networks.’

For instance, one world may focus on the 2016 presidential election in the United States, while another world focuses on food, and so on. Each world contains a feed of content (news articles, images and more) and users can join these worlds to post likes or comments on content with their active persona. Users can join any public world with any of their personas, with each persona being kept separate and private from any others.

While users can browse content without actually joining a world, they must join the world to share their own content. Users can share text, photos, videos and more, and can also broadcast live from within the app.


In addition to joining existing worlds, users can create their own public or private worlds, with private worlds locked behind passwords. Users can monetize their worlds by charging a monthly membership fee for access, and can control whether other world members are allowed to post content to the world once they join.

In a statement, Moshe Hogeg, CEO of Mobli Media, commented:

I believe that the social game is far from being over and there’s always room to innovate. Galaxia is a mix of messaging groups and social networks that enables a more natural social experience by offering users a complete freedom of expression in all their worlds. We’re trying to build a platform that will allow us to be who we want to be, in each context. It’s not about wearing masks, it’s about taking them off; By keeping the contextual separation, Galaxia actually simulates our day to day behavior, as the platform allows users to fully explore the spectrum of possibilities of identity and interest.

Galaxia is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming soon to Android. While the app is free to use, users can upgrade to a monthly subscription to remove ads, unlock direct messaging to chat with other premium users and watch live streams after they end.


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