Demographic Targeting Is Becoming Less Effective on Social

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Ad targeting and retargeting will likely be the driving force behind advertising this year. Audiences are getting more segmented, and advertisers need to be reactive to changes in the market. Despite dedication to data, marketers still get tripped up by demographic targeting pitfalls.

Indeed, data from Yahoo, the brand strategists at Audience Theory and market research firm Ipsos indicates that audiences aren’t responding well to current targeting efforts.

Millennials seem to be the generation most likely to interact with ads targeted towards them: 37 percent of respondents said they would click on ads, and 34 percent are more likely to purchase products from brands that target them. However, 34 percent said that it was about time advertisers recognized their generation, and 24 percent feel that advertisers forget about them.

Baby Boomers are the least likely to interact, with only 17 percent more likely to purchase from brands as a result of targeted ads, and only 23 percent of this generation even clicking ads.

Data from June 2015 seems to indicate that users believe that most ads are properly targeted toward their demographic group, at least when it comes to their interests. In fact, 71 percent of survey participants aged 25-34 believe ads are properly targeted.


Part of the issue may be a lack of retargeting. Advertisers have started to spend more time tailoring content to their audiences, and they have also been increasing spending on such efforts. But basic demographic campaigns aren’t enough anymore; audiences want campaigns that target their interests as well. This is precisely why lifecycle marketing strategies are particularly effective.

Marketers still seem to struggle with personalization and segmentation, but it’s the way forward. Connecting with a core audience will increase engagement a lot more than simply pushing out more ad units. If the content is not well targeted, users won’t click through. Identifying the correct audience, and serving them quality ads, should become central to any marketing campaign.

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