Tips for Creating Quality Social Media Content

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The secret to a successful social media presence is generating original, high-quality content.

Publishing content that gets widely shared on social media is good for business. Every time your content is Liked on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, +1 on Google+, or shared on LinkedIn, it gets a stamp of approval — boosting its reach along with your website traffic, lead generation, and search engine optimization. And once you publish highly shareable content repeatedly, your social media clout will rise — expanding the influence and the reach of your company.

Producing such content consistently and frequently is a major challenge. It requires dedication, creativity, insight, industry knowledge, a unique perspective, and excellent writing skills.

Here are five tips for generating content that likely will be shared.

1. Newsjacked Content

Providing real-time industry news along with insightful commentary can help you win on social media. When you discover a breaking story, act fast to newsjack it — riding its trending popularity to increased views, lead generation and enhanced SEO.

2. Statistical Content

People crave numbers and facts. Utilize industry research reports with data and statistics to give your content authority and increased relevance. Statistics can make your content more credible. Do not provide just lists of statistics though; weave them into your story, providing context and insight.

3. Case Studies

Sometimes your audience wants real-life data. This is where case studies are handy. They can breathe life into data. Use storytelling to make your content more relatable.

4. Infographics

An infographic illustrates complicated data and processes. Infographics are usually brightly colored and visually appealing. Infographics are often shared on social media, particularly on visual sites like Pinterest.

The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media by The Steel Method

Infographics are a good way to visually present heavy data, such as in this example from The Steel Method, a marketing firm.

5. Visual Content

Video content is popular because it informs and entertains simultaneously. Also, it takes less time to watch a short video than read a lengthy blog post. Beautiful or funny photos are also compelling and have the tendency to get shared widely. If your company already has internal presentations that are engaging and informative, consider turning them into SlideShare presentations, which are typically share-worthy.


No matter which medium you choose, your content must resonate with your audience. Create a compelling title, one that is clear, concise, and relevant — and maybe even slightly mysterious.

Invigorate your social media marketing with these content ideas, and you will see that content being shared across the web.


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