5 Facebook Ads You Should Run

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Facebook advertising is the most effective way to get your message heard. Cost-per-clicks reach an all-time high in November and December, so you need to think strategically about the types of ads used, to ensure you net the greatest return.

Here are the five Facebook ads you need to run this holiday season, along with a few tips to guarantee success.

1. Local Awareness Ads

I wrote about the pros and cons of Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads shortly after they went live. I’ve also used them for my clients and have received a positive ROI, so I’m an advocate for their effectiveness.

Use the “Get Directions” button on Local Awareness Ads for easy navigation.

Use the “Get Directions” button on Local Awareness Ads for easy navigation.

Local Awareness Ads use geo-targeting to deliver your ad to people who live in or have recently visited the area near your business. They offer the perfect opportunity to promote your holiday sales to people who are within proximity to your location, particularly during big shopping days like Black Friday or Small Business Saturday.

2. Carousel Ads

Carousel link ads allow a business to display multiple images in a single ad unit, through which users can rotate. These are ideal for companies that want to push a variety of products or offerings. For maximum effectiveness, highlight the products that are most popular or that net the greatest return.

Multiple images mean multiple messaging opportunities.

Multiple images mean multiple messaging opportunities.

3. Facebook Exchange Ads

Facebook Exchange works similarly to online retargeting ads and has quickly become Facebook’s most successful performing ad format. The ads display to users based on recent online behavior, enabling you to target them with similar products or services.

These ads are particularly effective with persons who visited your website previously, and can keep you top of mind when they are completing their holiday shopping.

4. Custom Audience Targeting

Custom audiences aren’t a particular ad type necessarily but more of a targeting strategy that allows you to show ads to existing or potential customers based on your CRM data.

For example, if you have an active email newsletter, you can display ads to users based on their email address, as long as they use that address to log-in to their personal Facebook accounts. It is much easier to convert users if they have purchased from you in the past or are already in your sales funnel.

5. Instagram Ads

Facebook recently integrated Instagram ads into its ad platform, making it extremely easy for any small business to reach new audiences. You don’t even need to have an Instagram account, although I highly recommend that you do.

Instagram ads work similarly to Facebook ads in that they include copy, a photo, and a call to action. You can only promote clicks to your website, app installations, or video views, however.

Reach an entirely new audience on one of the most popular social platforms, Instagram.

Reach an entirely new audience on one of the most popular social platforms, Instagram.

These ads won’t be right for everyone but can be very effective when used strategically. For example, you can drive visits to your website, then retarget visitors through Facebook Exchange.

While the final two dates deal with online shopping specifically, you can still use them to your advantage with the right creative spin. Decide which dates are most important and create a content calendar, to ensure you’re present for them.

Schedule ads ahead of time. You can schedule your ads to start and stop on specific dates, similar to Facebook posts. Most small businesses are too busy during the holiday rush to stay on top of creating ads as they run. Therefore, create and schedule them in one sitting, to save yourself a headache.

Create relevant promotions. People look for deals during the holidays. The best way to convert customers is to incentivize them through discounts and special offerings. Make this the focus of your ads, to grab their attention.

Be smart with targeting. Don’t be too broad with your ad targeting. Any small business owner should have extensive knowledge of his customer base. Target your ads accordingly or you’ll find yourself wasting dollars on users who will never convert.

Keep what works; change what doesn’t. Create multiple ads with different creative and messaging, and monitor their performance. The ones that perform best will be readily apparent. Free up your budget for these ads by turning off those that underperform.

Here’s to a successful key for your small business!

Resources: webmarketingtoday.net

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