Best Way Reach Local Market?

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Feature where we ask web marketing experts questions from local business owners. For this installment, we address a question about how businesses can reach more people in their local market.

“Peripheral content is simply this: Create content that highlights the shared values of your company and another company in your market. Provide value in the form of how-to’s, unique insight into a problem, or simply an in-depth look at the solution the other company offers.

“In the short term, you’ll reach new people as the featured brand talks about your content on its various platforms. In the long term, you have the opportunity to rank alongside the peripheral brand in search results and gain exposure to the audience that you both share.

“For example, we created a series of blog posts for a wedding venue client that highlighted its primary brand message, ‘The power of stories.’ We interviewed other wedding vendors in our market about the ways their products or services help clients ‘tell their story’ through wedding decor, photos, and so on.

“Not only did the series drive thousands of local, high-quality hits to our client’s website but also allowed her, over time, to rank in search results alongside every other company featured in the series for both their individual brand names and some of their primary keywords, leading to long-term, stable traffic increases.

“The method is simple, helps build healthy relationships with others in your industry, and is much more effective than generalized problem-solving content as every article is hyperlocal, highly targeted, and provides specific value to your local customers.

“No other type of content is as effective at reaching targeted, local customers, and it is the central element of every content strategy we create. Reach out to five businesses right now and get your peripheral content created quickly, for a huge exposure boost, both during the holidays and beyond.”


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