5 Things a Small Business Absolutely Must Do on Facebook

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1. Understand who your own customers are on Facebook. He recommends using Facebook’s own advertising tool (www.facebook.com/advertising), begin to set up an ad, and search for conversations about your company under “specific interests.” Then look for “estimated reach” to see how big a group this is.

2. See where interested people are congregating on Facebook as a follow-up. To do this, type in your company name in the search book and, instead of hitting “return,” click on the magnifying glass. This gives you lots of information about where you’re being mentioned.

3. Act on that data. A couple ways to do this are (a) to jump into conversations about your company. Identify yourself as representing the company and field questions, etc. Or (b) begin to use Facebook ads that specifically target people who mention your company.

4. Find customers interested in your individual products or services, or the category. You can search by brand name to find people who are interested in your competitors. Or you can look for people about whom you could reasonably infer are interested in your products or services.

5. Work to get “Likes.” Create a reason for people to “Like” you by creating something of value within your Facebook page to offer to people who “Like” you.

Resources: webmarketingtoday.net

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