Facebook Is Testing Ability To Search Within Page Posts

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Facebook has made major improvements to search within the last year. Last year at this time, the company re-enabled searching within friends’ posts. And in October, Facebook added the ability tosearch within public posts, boosting the social network’s utility as a source of real-time information.

But it’s still not easy to find a specific post on the social network, which is no surprise considering Facebook says that it has more than two trillion posts to sift through. To make it easier to find posts from a single source, Facebook is testing a new feature to enable searching within a Page. It’s an extension of a pilot program that allows searching within people’s profiles that surfaced last month.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test in an email. It’s a pilot on desktop and mobile for small number of US English users. People in the test group see a search box on Facebook Pages, as shown in this screen shot below from Social Times, which reported first about the experiment.


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