Video Marketing: Facts to Keep An Eye On

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The whirlwind speed the development of video in recent years is observed to remain its pace, citing the platform’s incessant impact on consumer behaviour and content consumption. It’s been noted by Cisco that video will account for 80% of all consumer traffic all throughout the internet. So it’s no wonder people see that video is going to take over content marketing in a matter of time. Video is a must have in your marketing mix as it will draw in more people to your campaigns and your brand. YouTube’s video marketing platform is always a top choice for businesses but with Facebook video’s growth in user views, it has become a new game changer in the video marketing scene.

Marketing video is the same as with any marketing strategies but must have all the basics in order for it to succeed. New technological advancements in digital media and electronic devices have propelled video’s upsurge into the top of the marketing platforms. It has become the new way of telling stories to the audience. People are always on the go and multiple elements to their surroundings compete for their attention. A typical marketing strategy where content is offered to there is no longer effective, unless you decide for a very aggressive approach. Brands must fight for people’s attention and make them seek out content that truly connects with them. Trends on content consumption focus around video. Social networking platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine created an avenue for users to create short-form videos and upload user-generated content. Several brands managed to take this fact to their advantage with marketing campaigns that also uses short-form promotion videos and convince users to post their own content. Statistics have also supported that most customers will purchase a product after watching a video concerning the said product. This power to create sales led to more investment in corporate video productions. A hefty amount of budget of businesses has been set aside for marketing video productions. Clearly, there are still a lot of people who do not use video marketing for their brands and it’s a good way to turn a large part of the market’s attention to your direction.

With more and more people being connected to the internet and growth of smartphone users are still on the rise, you can positively use video marketing tactics to engage a large number of people. Keeping the audience’s attention can only become challenging if you do not have the right knowledge about their behaviour and the resources to leverage this knowledge to your brand’s benefit. Video marketing can keep your audience’s attention on your brand and ultimately build a growing, engaging relationship.


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